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Page history last edited by Leo Babauta 14 years, 11 months ago

Welcome to the Zen Habits wiki!


This is meant to be an experiment in radical transparency. Eventually, it will contain all communications and decisions relating to Zen Habits and any projects I'm working on, but at the moment it just contains some of my ideas and thoughts on all of this.


My links:



Radical Transparency

Here are some of the things I'd like to make public, or transparent, through this wiki:


  • All decisions about Zen Habits. Will discuss them publicly, with comments from readers, before implementing.
  • Upcoming posts I'm writing for Zen Habits. I'd like for people to be able to add suggestions to my own ideas, and possibly vote for their favorite ideas. Suggestions for the best technology for doing this are appreciated.
  • Guest posts for Zen Habits. Would include a schedule of upcoming guest writers and their topics, along with requests to be a guest poster -- with the readers voting to decide who will make the actual schedule. I'll make the final decisions, but if I go against reader votes I'll post my reasons (most likely because I think someone's "gaming" the system.)
  • All communications about Zen Habits and my projects. This will mean anyone who wants to communicate with me about Zen Habits or business-related matters (non-personal stuff) will have to agree to do it in this public forum. This should be fun. (See Public Discussions.)
  • Commenters. I'd like to have a system where readers mark spam, instead of me having to moderate, and where people could look into the spam folder and unmark comments that are erroneously in there.
  • My next book. I'll put it on the web from the start. You can read the "beta" versions, comment, give suggestions, help me improve as I write. It'll be freely available, even in final draft, although I'd love it if you would buy the print version too. Update: the site for the new book is up: focusmanifesto.com.
  • Probably: financial information about Zen Habits.


Read more on how and why I'm going to become radically transparent: Radical Transparency (also see the Radical Transparency FAQ). See also: How to Help.


Zen Habits transparency pages:



About Transparency and this wiki:



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